How can I make the Joy-Cons more comfortable?

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The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers are very unique and have a lot of cool technology packed in that tiny little controller. With gyro, HD Rumble, and the ability to play on the actually console or remove it to play wireless is what makes this controller so unique.

What makes it really special is the fact that you can split the Joy-Cons and give someone else one of the controllers to play two players. While this is a very cool quality of the Joy-Cons, the designs of the Joy-Cons are just plain uncomfortable to use if you are using a single controller. No one really enjoys playing with a single Joy-Con controller, so what can you do to fix this?

One of the cheapest ways to make these controllers better to use is to add grips to them! Putting these controllers in different grips makes them feel like they are actually real controllers. They feel a lot better in your hands and actually let you play for hours without cramping. These are a MUST for people who want to share their Joy-Cons with their friends! For a list off all the Joy-Con grips we have, click here!



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