8Bitdo Adapter for the Nintendo Switch: Next Big Thing?

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One of the worst things about buying a brand new console is having to spend extra money on more controllers so that your friends and family may join in on the fun with you. What's the point of having a brand new console with these new games if you can't play these multiplayer games with anyone? At least with the Nintendo Switch, the Joy-Cons can be split so that two players can play. What if you don't want to buy extra controllers, or if you want a high quality ergonomic controller like the Xbox or PS4 controllers, but don't want to spend money on a Pro Controller?

Well one of the best accessories to solve this problem would be the 8Bitdo Adapter for the Nintendo Switch! This handy adapter allows you to use almost any of the controllers you have laying around your house that you use for other consoles. No more having a useless Xbox One controller or a DualShock4 controller. Well they aren't entirely useless if you are using them for that particular console, but who doesn't want to cross play these controllers with other consoles? This adapter is very easy to use, and stylish at that. Simply plug this little adapter into one of your USB ports on your Nintendo Switch Dock and pair it with your preferred controller. Make sure you have your settings of your wired pro controller to set "ON" or this won't work! Now you can enjoy playing with any controller you want! Note that for each controller you want to add, an additional adapter is needed. Here is me using my DualShock 4 to play Zelda Breath of the Wild! Looking to purchase? Click HERE



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